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The Importance of Routine Maintenance
Most individuals who own a car get it regularly serviced. Oil change, filter change, check other fluids, check brakes, honk the horn, flash the lights, etc. Manufacturers highly recommend this routine maintenance be performed to keep your vehicle running at tip-top shape and to help prevent breakdowns.
A computer system isnít much different. It needs an occasional cleaning to keep it running at its peak performance: remove temporary files, update the operating system and other programs, check for malware such as viruses, adware, and Trojans, clean out the dust thatís accumulated inside, and ensure that all the fans are running and keeping that dust from settling.

Preventative Maintenance

While your computer doesnít keep a ticker going to show how many computing miles itís been through, it is recommended to have your system serviced for maintenance at least once every 6 months. If the computer operates in highly dirty area, such an industrial plant work floor or a wood workers shop, or even in that auto service station where your car is treated at regular intervals, then the maintenance should be performed more often, and would depend on how much dust and dirt gather inside the system every couple of months. Did you know that dust and nicotine on printed circuit boards actually conduct electricity? Weíve seen them short out systems causing a complete failure.
If your systems havenít been looked at for maintenance in quite a while, consider giving us a call. Whether youíre a business or a residential customer, we can get you taken care of.

Business customer with more than 3 systems? Let us put you on a regular, 6 month schedule to get your maintenance done. Qualifying customers are eligible for discounted rates.
Have your computer professionally cleaned internally of dust once or more a year. Dust blocks the circulation of air, which is of crucial importance for keeping your machine cool. Dust can clog the vents, and the vital  components inside your computer, like the central Processing Unit (CPU), overheating may result in permanent damage/failure! We offer dust removal and optional virus scan for one low price.
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